Friday, January 28, 2011

Parasailing in Punta Cana

I went to Punta Cana for Kieron and Ashely Kirks wedding in August. We all went on a boat ride that took us swimming with sting rays and nurse sharks, then to a coral reef, and on to a shallow area were we ate nachos and drank Cubra Libres in the ocean, Oh and we had a few sightings of the white whale.  Shaun and I went Parasailing during the trip so I record our the adventures with my helmet camera, I hope you enjoy!!

Parasailing from Jeremy Penn on Vimeo.

Shaun Kirk and I went Parasailing in Punta Cana

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Billabong Flaunt It from Blue Mountain, Part 1 of the Slopestyle

Billabong's All women's Flaunt It Tournament started on the weekend at Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario.  The winner, Victoria Marshell, will be flown to the finals!